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Australia Logo Design brings professional custom made trendy logo designs created by experienced Sydney Logo Designers with 5000+ logos for promotion in Aussie market.
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We make brands, Lets make yours

Special customized graphic design portfolio for logo, stationery, web, print and ecommerce designs. A vast range of graphic design and web design services at budget prices for Australian business companies.



  • Customized unique Logo Designs.
  • Reasonable prices yet high quality creative artwork.
  • Professional advice from our experienced graphic designer to showcase your branding in best way.

Australia Logo Design

  • Direct Access through phone,email,sms or personal meetings
  • Special Pricing for Business client in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane
  • You have nothing to loose and everything to gain by our No Advance No Obligation policy with Unlimited revisions.



 Track Records

We have over 5000+ satisfied customers both in Australia and New Zealand – 98% would recommend our company to a friend.


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Logo Design

Get customized unique logo designs for your business branding specially for Australian market to uplift your corporate image. Revitalise your existing logo into a more modern trendy style. You can get started with $129 only. Each logo design is hand sketched. No premade or off the shelf logo designs are used.. Our experienced Logo designer can also create impactful icon designs for your software applications at reasonable prices.

Mobile Apps

Mobile technology is fast picking pace to become center stage in the world of communication dynamics. Business companies in Australia are keen to utilize mobile apps to promote and advertise their business through smart phone and iphones. Mobile applications technology keeps the customers stay connected 24/7 even when mobile. Australian enterprises are progressing beyond the internet and desktop world to keep in immediate to their customer's requirements. Order Now Mobile apps for Iphone and Android customized for Australian Business Requirements.

Ecommerce Website

Get tailor made ecommerce website for your Aussie online business just $1999 with Shopping cart, product gallery, payment gateway, customer login, invoicing,shipping , CMS along with 1 year Free Hosting Order Now Get ecommerce shopping cart customized to suit your business requirements.

5000+ Happy Clients from Australia/New Zealand

5000+ Happy Clients from Australia/New Zealand

Satisfied Business Clients from Asia Pacific who refer our logo design and web design services to their business associates , partners and friend as one stop branding shop for all web based services.

Business Logo Design Sydney

When it comes to choosing the right logo for your company, it can either make or break you and your business. Think about it: the logo is often one of the first things people see when searching for services and buying products. While the saying may go something like: “don’t judge a book by its cover”, that just simply isn’t practical. We all judge by appearances. That’s why you need to ensure that your logo and graphics are up to date and sharp. What makes the perfect logo design and graphic designs? Ultimately, what it comes down to is three basic principles:


  • Related and Connected to Your Industry
  • Unique and Sets You Apart
  • Appeals to Your Target Audience


While a magician never reveals his or her secrets, graphic design isn’t magic. It’s not based on luck or chance – rather it’s based on skill and following these three basic principles. These aren’t secrets. Many graphic and logo designers know of these principles. But, what sets the professionals apart from the amateurs is the ability to follow these principles and execute them well. That’s where we come in – our team is fully equipped and experienced at delivering designs that are one of a kind without being too abstract and unrelated to your niche, and also appeal specifically to your market.

How to Choose the Best Logo and Graphic Designers for Your Business

As a business professional, you obviously want the best of the best for your business. And when you use our services, you can definitely get the best of the best and more – all at a reasonable price. Our team differentiates itself from other competitors by keeping those three principles in the forefront of our minds as we work on creating the perfect, tailor made graphics and logo designs for our clients. But first, let’s explore further why they are so important and how exactly we incorporate them into our designs in order to give you the perfect logos and graphics that pull in customers and provide you with the image of your business that matches your vision and increase your success.


Related and Connected to Your Industry

We always make it our business to discover the key elements of your business and really hone in on the critical features of your products or services. While it is important to be creative and distinct, it is just as important to deliver graphics and logos that match what the company sells or offers. Many logo designers choose any random object and try to apply it to a given area. It just wouldn’t make sense for a butterfly themed logo to represent a trucking company. Or using an industrial, gritty font to represent a child care center. Our designs are completely in touch with what they represent so that your audience and target market can make a clear connection to the brand.


That’s not to say we aren’t creative and can’t offer you one of a kind logos and designs. We do. However, we ensure that if the meaning or interpretation isn’t obvious, it is still clearly connected to your service and business. Let’s take the logo of “Apple” products for example. That is a great logo because it is clearly recognizable and clearly connected to the name. While it may not be of a computer mouse or screen, the symbolic apple has a deeper connection to the one of products that the multimillion dollar tech company generates. That’s what we focus on: creating graphics and logos that connect the target audience directly to your brand.


Unique and Sets You Apart

When our custom made logos and graphics are designed, we want them to completely set you apart from competition and other companies in your field. That’s why every little detail – from color to style to shape, etc. – is fully customized to suit your needs. This is something that we constantly think about. If it doesn’t represent your company well and give your business something iconic that’s only unique to you guys, then we haven’t done our job.


The best logo and graphic designs are iconic. When people look at your graphics and logo, we want them to automatically associate it to your brand and company. In a recent study, children were able to recognize “Old Joe” – the cartoon character that is used to promote Camel cigarettes over 91.3% of the time. That is some serious brand recognition and proves that using the right logo and advertising can really make a difference and stick in the minds of consumers of just about any age. While the study was done to prove that advertising cigarettes negatively affects youth just as much as adults and can lead to addiction later on in life, the point was thoroughly proven – great use of logos and marketing can make a brand easily recognizable.


No matter what your industry is, we want to be able to convey your message and get your brand’s name and image out there. As it’s said, a picture is worth a thousand words – we want to paint those thousand words to be articulate and thoroughly represent your company.


Appeals to Your Target Audience

The last principle that we employ and constantly try to incorporate into our designs. Each of our designs and logos are used as tools, rather than just mere images – in order to get your foot in the door with consumers and get them over to your website and shop looking at and buying your products. We take your target audience into account and try our best to customize your designs specifically to cater to that demographic.


Every aspect of your target audience is taken into consideration – from age, to geographic location, to gender, etc. and we really model our designs and logos to fit your target audience so that once they look at your designs we give you, they are that much more inclined to visit your website and shop to see what you’re all about! As an example, if you have made a cool action figure for kids around 10 years old, we would customize everything from the font to the language to the images used in order to make it more fun and simplistic, with images and graphics that specifically appeal to boys around that age. Or, if you are looking to revamp your senior centre’s images and would like to invest in graphics and logos, we would take this into consideration and give your logos and graphics a more refined, classic look in order to appeal to your target audience of senior citizens.


Taking into account the target audience is absolutely crucial and is one thing many graphic artists and logo designers forget about. You can design the most perfect logo or graphic, but if it is not suited to appeal to your target audience, it’s of no use. We design and plan with purpose here – all of the graphics and logos you receive are specifically used in order to pull in your target demographic and get sales and membership and more traffic to your website and business rolling in.


Affordable yet Professional – We Are Truly the Perfect Package

Make no mistake – the logo and graphics that you use for your website are critical and shouldn’t be underestimated. It is your company’s image that you’re putting out there after all. You want to make sure your image looks professional and is fully targeted to meet the demands of your market in a way that related to your industry, while also being iconic. It’s a delicate balance – but we’ve got you covered here.  Sit back and relax, and trust only professionals to take care of the logo work and all of your graphic design needs.


Best of all, we offer rates that are extremely affordable. You get the most bang for your buck here with us. Everything from our tailored graphics and logos to our one on one customer support and attention to detail make us one of the best graphic and logo design agencies to work with on the entire world wide web. Sure, there are a lot of companies out there in the same field as use – but do they offer as much as we do? Can they guarantee the professional, custom results that we can? The answer is probably not. You can get some great professional designs all at a price that fits your budget and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.


Having amazing graphic design content and logos are crucial to your business’s success – but they shouldn’t cost a fortune in creating. We offer rates that work with your budget. Take a look at our pricing plans or simply send us a message and we’ll get back to you with a custom quote. We look forward to working with you in the near future and remember – trust only professionals with the image and brand recognisability of your online business.


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