Collection of 100 creative logos from australia by a leading graphic design company in australia.
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Logo designs are representative of the brand image for Australian company.Every logo design must have its unique identity so that the company can stand out amongst competition in the Australian market.

There are 4 golden points which need to be taken care of when designing a business logo design.

1. Originality and Uniqueness
A logo design must unique and exclusive for the company. It must not have been copied or imitated from any source. Apart from legal complications , such a logo design can make the company loose it individuality/

2. Design is more important than color.
Color is important for any branding but design is paramount. Every design must look good whether in color or black and white.Colors will help in holding the design when colors used are distinct from each other.

3. Avoid Publicity Stunts in logo design like shocking colors, slogan or images.
Your logo should be genuine and communicate with the clients. Customers should be able to relate to the brand and develop loyalty feelings for the company.

4. Balance in Logo Height and Width
There should be some balance between your logo height and width. A logo that is too wide or too tall will not look professional. It is better that you use a square shape or form since that will enable optimal flexibility of your logo, particularly when it is used in combination with other design elements.

Australian Logo design provides a collection of some of the most creative Logo Design From Australia which feature all the four golden rules important for making a logo design successful.

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