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Logo Design Branding inspired by Popular Australian Animals

Animals and children both inspire love and compassion.If you want to make your branding unique and connect emotionally with your clients and customers then animal logo design are the best bet.

A smartly designed animal logo can instantly grab attention. Moreover such logo concepts can create a unique signature for identification of the company name. Animal logos can symbolically reflect the character and personality of the company.

Australia is famous for its unique animals which don’t exist anywhere in the world.
These facts would help to develop logo design branding in a unique with strong Aussie identity.

Here are logo design associated with 5 widely known Australian animals which would undoubtedly create Australian brand identity for the company establishing its credibility


Kangaroo is a special trademark of Australia. Kangaroo means Australia. Any company wanted to establish its identity as an Australian company should incorporate Kangaroo in its logo. Besides kangaroo has an image of a friendly peaceful playful animal.Any company which wants to project its friendly image for customers with a homely feel would do well to promote its branding with a kangaroo theme.

Koala Bear

Koala Bear is the cute cuddly version of a teddy bear. Who would not fall in love with a koala bear. You would just want to hug and cuddle a koala bear. Having such an icon in a logo design can make it universally appealing. A logo design which develops an emotional connection with consumers can make the branding recognizable , endearing and memorable. This is the best way to promote a branding.


A crocodile means aggression. It inspires fear and awe with its vicious teeth and sheer strength. But whatever feeling a crocodile may evoke but one can never ignore the presence of a crocodile. That is exactly the reason why crocodile is often used by many companies in their logo branding. It is either used as a symbol of strength. A more popular way to present crocodile branding is to present a crocodile with a friendly face to tone down its ferocity.This approach can attract attention a company branding due to its interesting twist of crocodile personality


Lizard may seem a yucky animal to portray for branding. But it is not surprising that it is a popular reptile due to its resilience. Having a lizard as a part of the logo design can be quite attractive and eye catching. Such bizarre graphics can catch attention and cause humor. Any branding which inspires a smile and a feeling of extraordinary can be successful in brand promotion


Platypus is the most unique animal in the world. It is only found in Australia.
It is a combination of a reptile, fish and a mammal. Featuring the animal in logo branding can convey a variety of message. A company providing services on multiple levels. A unique exclusive company. A company with a friendly image.
Animal based logo design can be quite inspiring and endearing. Indigenous animal can also help to create aussie identity for Australian companies.

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